Relocation Management

The experience you need to ensure a smooth relocation for your operation & consolidate multiple facilities.

Vargas Associates, Inc. delivers time saving and cost- effective services to organizations undergoing a relocation. Moving is a key component in most facilities projects, and may be required at the beginning of a project to vacate space for improvements, or at the end of each construction phase to support a multi-phased build-out. Whether your relocation is a stand-alone initiative or you are consolidating multiple sites, you can expect that your relocation will require dedicated resources and will consume more time than originally anticipated.

When an organization is moving to a new location, there is change coming from many avenues. Our services manage the entire umbrella of this change as we work with all aspects of the relocation including: furniture, signage, artwork, filing areas, storage, shelving, mailroom, voice, data, PCs, fax machines, copiers, printers, appliances, security, vending, audio/video systems, contents, keying, network, special applications, surplus disposition, & decommissioning.

Relocation Management Case Studies

Rochester Schools Modernization Program

The Rochester Schools Modernization Program has embarked on Phase 1 of a $1.2 billion dollar renovation initiative to improve 39 schools within the Rochester City School District.  Vargas Associates was selected as the Move Management Consultant to plan and oversee execution of the first nine (9) schools into, and out of, temporary swing space while construction is underway at their sites, and then again after the completion of the renovations.  Relocations started the summer 2012 and will continue through 2016.  During this timeframe, we will oversee the relocation of over 3 million square feet of space, inventory approximately 50,000 pieces of furniture and positively affect over 10,000 students.  Subsequently we were hired to oversee the creation of furniture standards and product specifications to then publicly bid the procurement of new classroom furnishings, office furniture, library furniture, and select equipment.

College Town Displacement

College Town is a new mixed-use development, adjacent to the University of Rochester Medical Center blending shopping, dining, working, and hospitality in an area of the City of Rochester which is witnessing ongoing development.  Our Relocation Management team worked with URMC to manage the displacement of staff that were located in buildings slated for demolition.   Initiating the process, we created furniture layouts for each office within their new facilities.  We then facilitated moves to other areas of the Medical Center to make way for new construction.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute Clinical Science Center

Vargas Associates provided Relocation Management Services to assist Roswell Park Cancer Institute with a three-phased clinical and administrative space consolidation move into the new large-scaled state of the art Clinical Science Center (CSC) on campus.  The relocation involved multiple departments which included over 300 faculty and staff members and occupying over 72,000 SF.  Working closely with their Facilities Management Department and department representatives, Vargas Associates determined the requirements needed for each phase of the relocation and executed in a three-phased move.

Rochester Police Department – West Side Renovation

The West Side patrol headquarters for the Rochester Police Department underwent an occupied renovation in which our team was challenged to create a five-phase relocation plan to enable the ongoing construction work and ensure their 24-hour operations remained intact. Vargas Associates also assisted the project with the selection of interior finishes that created an inspiring new space for the officers and command staff, while working within the confines of a tight project budget, supported with public funds. Throughout this 4 month timeframe, we worked with the police department, city architect, and construction manager to adjust the implementation plan as modifications were made to the renovation footprint and project approach.   Directing the mover throughout each phase of the project, we created temporary swing spaces, which were used while areas of the space were under construction.  Upon final occupancy, the offices were transformed to include new office furniture, new paint and flooring throughout, and a new lobby with improved functionality for both RPD and the public they serve.

Rochester Police Department | Site Consolidations

Supporting the largest re-organization in the history of the Rochester Police Department, we executed a relocation plan that consolidated seven individual precincts into two sections. With the Genesee River serving as a division line, West Side sections were relocated to Water Tower Park (shown), and East Side sections were relocated to a facility on Hart Street. Working with members of the Rochester Police Department, we developed a seamless project plan that encompassed relocations for 450 police officers and department staff over two consecutive weekends. The execution was timed with the adoption of a new dispatching process for the entire department. IT and Telecom cutovers were completed in tandem with the physical move, which included furniture, office contents, police supplies, and a high volume of lockers. This project was delivered two weeks ahead of schedule.

Rochester Police Department | East Section Relocation

The patrol operations for the East side of the city were operating in a leased facility at Hart Street. With the renovation and expansion of the site previously occupied by the Clinton Section, the East Section was relocated to a permanent home on Clinton Avenue. Prior to occupancy, we coordinated with the furniture supplier on the placement of the furniture order along with the installation and acceptance of all furniture and office products. Coordinating with City Information Systems on the voice and data installations, we created a relocation plan that involved the relocation of 225 police officers and administrative staff over one weekend, enabling a smooth transition from the old facility to the new.

Hilton Central School District

Phase I encompassed eighteen consecutive months of classroom and office relocations surrounding the renovations of the elementary schools. Originally skeptical about the value of Move Management Services, Hilton’s Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds wouldn’t consider running another capital project without them. We then continued on by managing relocations to support renovation initiatives in the middle and high schools including work in two libraries as well as the Industrial Arts, Physical Education, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Departments.

Pittsford Central School District

Three libraries totaling 55,000 collections were relocated to facilitate renovations within the Pittsford Central School District. Creating an organized relocation plan was the key to a smooth transition for these libraries. We secured the moving company and temporary storage space for the collections. Feedback from these moves was exceptional, leading to the district retaining our services for additional work at Sutherland High School, Caulkins Road Middle School and Barker Middle School. We also assisted with the relocation of the Administrative offices in the summer of 2009.

Eastman School Of Music

We have staff that supports the day-to-day projects at the Eastman School of Music. These initiatives range in size and complexity as we support the needs of the school. Several projects completed to date include the renovation and relocation of administrative office areas, senior faculty including the school’s recently appointed Dean Lowery, dormitory work and more. We work with local second-hand furniture suppliers to source next to new furniture to enable us to deliver cost effective solutions for the school

Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation retained our services to manage the decommissioning of two leasehold facilities located in close proximity to their Wilson Center Campus in Webster New York. This project was on an aggressive schedule in order to turn over the properties on schedule. The decommissioning forced the relocation of 600 personnel in various buildings on the Webster Campus and Xerox Square, located in downtown Rochester. A master relocation plan was created including an aggressive, yet detailed, move schedule. We worked closely with Xerox union trades, the Construction Manager and multiple vendors to execute this project, which was completed ahead of schedule.

Carestream Health

Carestream Health was acquired from Eastman Kodak Company by Onex Corporation on May 1, 2007. As part of the acquisition, property changed hands between the two companies. Carestream Health was given sixty days to remove their employees from Eastman Kodak owned facilities, into three independent buildings. This created a rapid response situation and the need for expertise from professionals who could organize a multi-faced effort to meet this deadline. Over this timeframe, we worked with multiple departments to coordinate reconfigurations and relocations, voice and data networking and had access to a limited supply of existing office furniture and contractor resources. Our success with this client has resulted in their decision to use our services on a day-to day basis to for many of their Project Management needs.

Xerox Corporation – X2 Consolidation

Xerox Corporation requested our Relocation Management Services to oversee the relocation of 700 personnel, which included several Corporate Officers in what has become not only one of our largest, but quickest responses to date. We developed a relocation plan and administered an RFP for moving services in three weeks. We then executed a phased implementation over the next five consecutive weeks, including the relocation of 350 personnel in a single day.

The first two phases focused on logistically re-stacking business units at Xerox Square, their main facility in downtown Rochester, to then be followed by three phases which evacuated leasehold facilities from nearby locations.

SUNY Geneseo

Supporting the largest the largest relocation in the history of SUNY Geneseo, we developed a relocation plan that included the departments of Biology, Geology, Physics, and Chemistry along with 100 professional staff. We worked closely with each department head to understand their individual requirements to move items like pickled specimens and animal carcasses – not just furniture and boxes. The project required extensive planning for the classrooms, labs, and offices due to the sensitive and hazardous nature of the items relocating into the new facility. Considerable coordination took place with the Environmental and Safety Director to enable the seamless relocation of all areas into the newly constructed Integrated Science Facility.

Albany Public Library

Albany Public Library engaged our move management services to help them with their $29.1 million Branch Improvement Plan with their first comprehensive infrastructure project in their history. This project consist of renovating three existing branches Pine Hill, Delaware and John A. Howe along with construction of two new branches John J. Back and Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch.

We are currently half way thru the project. We worked very closely with each Librarian to create a move plan reviewing each collection segment while moving the three library branches and setting up satellite branches.

A challenge was the limited space available in the satellite branch locations. We developed a plan that would use this space efficiently and relocated the collections quickly so the community could continue to utilize the libraries during construction. This project is expected to be completed by April 2010.

Xerox Corporation - Building 200 Manufacturing

Managing the relocation of a Major Manufacturing Plant, located in the center of Xerox Webster Campus, we drove an aggressive schedule to target and deliver the move of 250,000SF of product, surplus materials, and major manufacturing equipment. The process included the tagging and labeling over 3,700 pieces of manufacturing equipment. The project plan included a detailed timeline and the coordination of eight phases of moves in conjunction with several other vendors and trades.