Success Story: Eastside Pediatrics


Eastside Pediatrics established a new pediatric office with the desire to create a space that would appeal to young children, teens and parents alike.   Renovating a prior medical office would require completion in six weeks, the right approach and a dedicated team.


Our design team worked from the basis of the client’s new Tree Frog logo to establish a Rain Forest theme throughout the office and practice rooms.   As patients enter the space they are greeted with a soothing waterfall scene, which is sure to create a sense of serenity.   Each room features larger than life Rain Forest animals, and new flooring, furniture, and finishes, which complement the color tones in each scene.   Our team managed the renovation in a limited timeframe to support the opening of this new pediatric office.

Client Feedback

 "Vargas Associates went above and beyond to search out affordable yet amazing design options that would suit our needs and the needs of our patients"

-Joanne Cordaro
Eastside Pediatrics, Fairport, N.Y.